Friday, September 18, 2015

Sumdog Launched in Grades 2 - 6!

All students in grades 2 - 6 have been given a log-in to our new math practice website, Sumdog. Each student is part of the Our Lady of Fatima School subscription. As long as they log-in with the username, password, and school code, their activity will be tracked. There is no need for you to purchase any subscription. This site will help students to practice math skills while playing short, engaging games with other classmates and students around the world who are also subscribed to Sumdog.
Our school bookmark is
Our school code is ourlady76853, and each student has a unique three letter username and password.

The program will "learn" the student's skill level during the first 150 - 200 questions and adapt accordingly. So while students choose the games they play, the program will offer the math questions. Teachers will also be able to set challenges and competitions to target particular skills or activity goals for groups of students or individual students.

New features this year are goal setting and progress tracking through the Progress Hub. Teachers, parents, and students can all track their progress and results.

Please take some time to read more about Sumdog here. This is the parent information page. It is also interesting to watch your child play the games, seeing the kinds of questions that they are presented with and their success rate.

Teachers will also be able to set quizzes that students will do upon logging into Sumdog. These quizzes give the teacher realtime data about who is successful and who is struggling with a concept covered in class.

If your child is experiencing difficulty logging into Sumdog, please email me and I will send you their log-in information and help troubleshoot as best I can. There are also Sumdog apps available for tablets and phones. So download the ones for your child's devices and they will never have an excuse not to practice their math!

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